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This review was written with the purpose of offering you, the buyer, some inside knowledge on the products offered by the writing service In order to do that, we have taken apart the content of their website, analyzed their pros and cons and took a closer look at the testimonials and reviews. This is what we found out.

Services Offered

FreshEssays has a really smart, customer-friendly looking layout. Their claim is that they consider all of their customers like family, which is why they want to provide them with the best essays on the market. You can make your pick from:

• Essay writing from scratch;

• Proofreading and editing;

• Multiple choice questions;

• Problem-solving.

Page descriptions tell us that they only have professional writers working for them, each holding some sort of degree that generally goes from MA and above. They also boast that they give not one, but three free revisions in case the paper is not to your liking.

Considering that they have been offering their services for 6 years now, they must have something going on in there. If they weren’t good, they probably wouldn’t have survived for so long in the business.

Customer Support

Just like with many other websites, they have a customer support that is available for calls at any hour, 24/7. They can be contacted through phone lines, live chat, e-mail and even Skype. However, unlike other websites, they actually claim that the representatives of the customer support will have full authority to take actions in case there are any issues that need their attention.  

The customer reviews are pretty complimentary when it comes to these kinds of services. They seem always to respond to all of their questions in an efficient way, providing the customers with all of the answers that they might need.

Discounts and Prices

When it comes to prices, these are broken down into the four separate categories, and also according to the level. For example, we asked for a bachelor-level essay of 10 pages, and considering our 14-day deadline, we received the price of $130. Rather cheap, we believe, when compared with other websites. Plus, Fresh Essays also offers newbie discounts of 10%, along with bonus discounts calculated based on how much you spend. We also found coupon codes that cut 7% of the price; however, we could not find a promo code in their service package.

Freebies and Benefits

We found free features that are apparently worth over $30. These include free reference pages, title pages, formatting, revisions and free e-mail delivery. External sites express that these so-called ‘freebies’ aren’t really so great – in fact, they are pretty stingy. The free e-mail delivery, for instance, caused most of the discussions – because they could not fathom why it should be charged in the first place.

We believe that is not fraud or scam, but we give it the rating of “Fair” because it seems to have many hidden extra fees. While we believed their service to be okay-ish, we would think twice before ordering from them again.



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